OpenGate Microsoft Access Consulting Network

    Consultant Information and Application

The OpenGate Microsoft Access Consultant Network is a way to connect OpenGate customers with professional software developers that specialize in Microsoft Access, and have experience with OpenGate products.

How Do You Benefit?

We spend a significant amount in advertising each month to bring tens of thousands of visitors interested in Microsoft Access solutions.  By joining the OpenGate MS Access Consultant Network, your business will be visible to highly qualified prospective clients.


How Does OpenGate Software Benefit?

OpenGate Software is focused on creating the best Microsoft Access add-ins and tools in the marketplace.  To remain focused on this goal, we do not offer consulting services to our customers.  And while our products provide a significant advantage to our customers in creating their solutions faster and with greater ease, we receive daily inquiries about consulting services.


The OpenGate Microsoft Access Consultant Network is a way for us to provide better service to our customers by ensuring the can engage with professional developers that have extensive experience with MS Access and OpenGate solutions.

Do I need to have experience with OpenGate products?

Yes.  We do not charge any fees to participate in the program, but you will need to have experience developing with one or more OpenGate products to join.  We do not currently have a free license program for partners, so the only cost you will incur is the purchase of those OpenGate products you wish to show experience with.


What are the Terms?

(1) You agree to allow OpenGate Software to list your business on the OpenGate Software website as a consultant available to assist with Microsoft Access and OpenGate Software products.

(2) OpenGate Software may remove your business from the website at any time without advanced notification.

(3) You may request to have your business information modified or removed from the OpenGate website at any time in writing (via email).

(4) You are entirely responsible for the relationship between yourself and your client. OpenGate Software does not take responsibility for unpaid bills or legal action that arises from a consulting engagement.

(5) You agree to comply with the OpenGate Software product licensing terms, including the OpenGate Software Redistribution licensing terms.  All OpenGate copyright notices within the VBA code must be left intact.

(6) OpenGate Software may amend this agreement at any time. Upon notification of changes, you will have 10-business days to agree to or decline the new terms.

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