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OpenGate Small Business Software's prospect and customer relationship management features a single, consolidated view of your past, current, and future sales opportunities.

Essential Customer Relationship Management
OpenGate Small Business Software helps you manage your prospect and customer information so that all information, from activity notes, orders, contacts, and support requests reside in a single place.  You can track key attributes like the market segments of your customers and prospects to understand where your business is doing well, and where you have opportunities for more business.  You have a single, reliable source of truth for your customer data, making it easy to enter new orders, take notes, and run your business more efficiently.
Small Business CRM

Track Sales Pipelines and Conversion Rates
OpenGate Small Business Software lets you quickly spot trends in prospect acquisition and sales pipeline.  With fewer customers buying in the present economy, you need to be sure you are filling your pipeline with an adequate number of prospects, that your revenue per prospect and order remain consistent (or grow!) over time.  Features like the Sales Dashboard below, and integrated marketing campaigns, help you improve your prospect acquisition convert more prospects to customers.

Small Business Sales Dashboard


Related Features

Orders and Inventory
Handle orders from quote to completion, simplify inventory tracking and purchase orders

Marketing and Support
Launch and track campaigns, offer best-in-class after-purchase support

Small Business Intelligence
Rapid visibility into your performance helps you make more informed decisions

Financial Performance
Track income and expenses to see P&L at the product and service level

Customizable Platform
Adapt the software to your business' unique needs

Keep Your Customers Coming Back
Maintaining good customer relationships means being responsive, demonstrating your business knows the customer, and you keep your best customers close.  OpenGate Small Business can help you see who your most important customers are by total revenue, track the details of your relationship with extensive activity notes, and see the essential details about a prospect or customer all in one place.

Small Business Customer Report

Flexibility You Can Build Upon
One of the major limitations of small business software packages today is their lack of customizability.  With OpenGate Small Business Software, you have the flexibility to configure the product to track information that is important to you in eight user-defined fields for nearly every thing OpenGate Small Business Software helps you manage.  And if you need to build a very specific solution for your business, OpenGate Small Business Software can be purchased with unlocked source code, giving you the ultimate Microsoft Access template on the market.  And because it is build on Microsoft Access, you can make changes and modifications to many features without hiring or learning to become a software developer yourself.




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