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OpenGate Small Business Software is designed to provide the flexibility you need for your business.  Whether you choose to buy the standard edition, or the customizable edition (which includes full access to the program's forms, reports, and source code), OpenGate Small Business is adaptable to your unique business.

Out-of-the-Box Flexibility
OpenGate Small Business Software includes out-of-the-box flexibility, such as:
  • User-defined "future use" fields in nearly every screen that you can define and use to track text, dates, and numeric values important to your specific type of business
  • Easily set up your own custom menus to display the screens that are most important to you
  • Create and customize dashboards to help you visualize your business data
  • Create user roles to present each group of users with distinct menu options to control what users can view and update
  • Limit specific users from viewing/editing fields on a screen
Customizable by Non-Developers
OpenGate Small Business Software is built upon Microsoft Access, the most common and easy to use desktop database product on the market.  Microsoft sources has said there are more than 12 million Microsoft Access users worldwide, and for good reason.  Access' what-you-see-is-what-you-get designers make it easy to create custom reports, modify data entry forms, and customize databases for your unique requirements.  You may find that OpenGate Small Business takes you 90% of the way to meet your specific needs, and you can save significant time building upon OpenGate Small Business' comprehensive features rather than starting from scratch.

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Extensibility for Professional Developers
OpenGate Small Business provides an extensible platform for seasoned Microsoft Access developers to build upon for customer-specific business solutions.  OpenGate Small Business is truly the ultimate Microsoft Access template on the market.  We include a developer's guide to help you understand the core Visual Basic functions, critical queries, and overall table structure. 





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