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OpenGate Small Business Software's financial performance management capabilities give you the fundamental small business accounting you need, without all the complexity that QuickBooks and other accounting software packages require.  Moreover, unlike QuickBooks and similar products, customers can purchase OpenGate Small Business Software with unlocked source code, which means you have the freedom to specialize the software to your business' unique needs.  And since OpenGate Small Business is built on Microsoft Access, the most popular non-developer database software on the market, you can create custom reports and forms yourself with relative ease.

Integrated Financial Management
OpenGate Small Business Software is an integrated suite that starts with prospects and ends with financial transactions from orders and expenses.  Completed orders and purchase orders are automatically passed into financial management tables, reducing double-entry and potential for error.

Financials without Unnecessary Complexity
OpenGate Small Business Software is not a full accounting software package, for a reason.  While QuickBooks is perfectly suitable for accounting professionals, and businesses with requirements to product full income statements, many small businesses we've worked with find QuickBooks to be too complicated and inefficient.  Moreover, as an accounting package, it lacks features to actually run your business.  OpenGate Small Business gives you the fundamental accounting you need, with capabilities like marketing management and business intelligence to help you run your business beyond simply recording financial transactions.

Small Business Accounting Software

Flexibility You Can Build Upon
One of the major limitations of small business software packages today is their lack of customizability.  With OpenGate Small Business Software, you have the flexibility to configure the product to track information that is important to you in eight user-defined fields for nearly every thing OpenGate Small Business Software helps you manage.  And if you need to build a very specific solution for your business, OpenGate Small Business Software can be purchased with unlocked source code, giving you the ultimate Microsoft Access template on the market.  And because it is build on Microsoft Access, you can make changes and modifications to many features without hiring or learning to become a software developer yourself.




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