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OpenGate Small Business Software's pervasive analytics and business intelligence give you timely access to information that you can use to run your business more efficiently, make more informed decisions about where to invest your time and resources.  Larger business spend thousands of dollars to get better visibility into their operations, small business can get the same insight without the expense using OpenGate Small Business.

Packaged Dashboards
OpenGate Small Business Software includes numerous packaged dashboards:  sales dashboard, customer care dashboard, customer support, marketing and promotions dashboard. 
Sales Dashboard
The packaged dashboards enable you to get information out of your database quickly, without exporting to Excel or another business intelligence tool.

Customizable Dashboards in Minutes
Unlike many packaged small business accounting or CRM packages, OpenGate Small Business Software also lets you create custom dashboards

Small Business Dashboard Template

Focus on Growth and Opportunity
You can't afford to spend time in areas that aren't profitable.  But getting visibility into which products or services are contributing most to your revenue can be challenging.  This is where OpenGate Small Business Software excels.  Instant visibility into the key performance indicators and trends that help you make more informed decision about your company's direction.  Insightful, configurable dashboards like the one below can help you understand which products are selling better over time, which contribute the most to your revenue, and which customer segments buy which products.




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