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OpenGate Small Business Software's order management and inventory are tightly linked to help you to handle the entire process from creating a quote, generating invoices, tracking shipping status, reducing inventory quantities, and tracking payment statuses.

Orders for Product and Service Oriented Businesses
OpenGate Small Business Software allows you to handle product and service orders, as well as control minimum quantities, maximum discounts, and standard prices at the product and service level.  Plus, tying orders back to marketing campaigns means you can see which campaigns and advertisement outlets are worth investing in further.  Whether you sell machine parts, plumbing services, or specialty products, OpenGate Small Business is designed to help you run more efficiently and intelligently.
Small Business Order Management

Inventory Intelligence
OpenGate Small Business Software helps you monitor inventory levels, set up reorder levels, and quickly create purchase orders to replenish your inventory.  And for companies that need to keep tabs on vendor performance, you can quickly see which vendors deliver on time with greater frequency.

Small Business Inventory Management


Focus on Growth and Opportunity
You can't afford to spend time in areas that aren't profitable.  But getting visibility into which products or services are contributing most to your revenue can be challenging.  This is where OpenGate Small Business Software excels.  Instant visibility into the key performance indicators and trends that help you make more informed decision about your company's direction.  Insightful, configurable dashboards like the one below can help you understand which products are selling better over time, which contribute the most to your revenue, and which customer segments buy which products.

Order Management KPI Dashboard

Flexibility You Can Build Upon
One of the major limitations of small business software packages today is their lack of customizability.  With OpenGate Small Business Software, you have the flexibility to configure the product to track information that is important to you in eight user-defined fields for nearly every thing OpenGate Small Business Software helps you manage.  And if you need to build a very specific solution for your business, OpenGate Small Business Software can be purchased with unlocked source code, giving you the ultimate Microsoft Access template on the market.  And because it is build on Microsoft Access, you can make changes and modifications to many features without hiring or learning to become a software developer yourself.




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