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Packed with powerful out-of-the-box features needs, OpenGate Small Business Software comes in three editions to choose from.  You can always upgrade to the next edition when you need even more functionality.

Customer Relationship, Support Request, and Marketing Features

  Free Standard Customizable
Track prospects and customers yes yes yes
View notes, contacts, orders, support requests, addresses, and other related information yes yes yes
Customer Care Manager to help you track ongoing support agreements, send mass customer communications via email or print letters   yes yes
Track customer support requests   yes yes
Customer Support Dashboard yes yes yes
Print customer mailing, shipping, and billing labels to Dymo printers or using Avery 8160 letter-size sheets   yes yes
Manage marketing campaigns, including cost and order revenue to compare return-on-advertising (ROA) yes yes yes
Create campaign target lists from existing prospects and generate mass emails or letters to targets   yes yes

Quote and Order Management Features

  Free Standard Customizable
Sales quote and order entry yes yes yes
Manage product and service line items yes yes yes
Control maximum discounts, minimum prices and quantities, and yes yes yes
Print or email quotes, invoices, order confirmations yes yes yes
Print customer mailing, shipping, and billing labels to Dymo printers or using Avery letter-size sheets   yes yes
Tracking shipping status and costs yes yes yes
Track sales tax collected from orders, and paid to the government yes yes yes
Sales Dashboard yes yes yes

Financial Performance Management Features

  Free Standard Customizable
Cash basis accounting yes yes yes
Ability to set up your own accounts and departments yes yes yes
Annual financial performance report yes yes yes
Profit and loss reporting at the product, employee, or department level yes yes yes
Automatically record completed sales orders and purchase orders as financial transactions yes yes yes
Import/Export financial transactions in Excel and CSV formats yes yes yes
Local Currency Support yes yes yes

Small Business Intelligence and Platform Features

  Free Standard Customizable
Full access to modify source code, forms, reports, and tables     yes
Customizable business dashboards   yes yes
Transaction auditing on key screens (orders, financials, customers, contacts) yes yes yes
Upsizable to Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server     yes
Role-based menus to limit users to only specific functions   yes yes
User-defined future use fields   yes yes
Support for multiple users   yes yes
Support for postal code and phone number localizations:  US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand yes yes yes


All editions are compatible with the following:

Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft Access 2002

Microsoft Access 2003

Microsoft Access 2007

Microsoft Access 2010

Microsoft Access 2013

Microsoft Access 2013 runtime edition



More questions?  Read the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us via email ( or toll free phone (888.967.6483)



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