User Forms

  • Tabular forms
    • Export to Excel and PDF
    • Search by keyword
    • Sorting with ability to configure default sort order
  • Detail forms
    • Fine grain control of field position and size
    • Define many field input types (text, number, date, range, button, dropdown that queries another table/view)
    • Set fields to "required" for pre-submit validation
    • Set field default values
    • Optionally define hover help tips for your users
    • Optionally lock fields to be read-only
  • General form features
    • Responsive to any device form factor
    • Optionally define unique header and footer sections with your own html
    • Add CSS to any control
    • Add click events to any control
    • Assign form permissions (view, insert, edit, delete) to forms to control user access


  • Responsive to any device form factor
  • Support for dropdown menus
  • Support for images in the menu
  • Open Vivaldi-created or other HTML
  • Open menu items in Vivaldi or a new tab
  • Optionally add menu separators
  • Assign menu items to specific roles to control user navigation


  • Add users (email automatically sent to user with
  • Define roles including landing page designation
  • Assign roles to users (one or many)
  • Assign roles to forms to control who can view, insert, edit, and delete records
  • Define which menu items a role can see
  • Change password form for end users

Administrator Tools

  • Administrator dashboard
  • Define application settings like title, logo, favorite icon, and welcome email messages
  • System event log to capture major actions (login/logout/errors/debug info/activities)

Developer Tools (not required, just helpful)

  • Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font Awesome referenced on every page for easy extension
  • Log events to the system event log with one line of code

Design Experience

  • Form Wizard - helps you quickly create paired table and detail forms
  • Form Designer - helps you define the properties of your forms, what fields/items you want on them
  • Determine navigation between table rows to other tables or forms for drill behavior without code
  • Define form headers and footers with your own HTML
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