OpenGate Database Manager for Microsoft® AccessTM

     Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q.  Is Database Manager an Add-In?
A.  No.  OpenGate Database Manager runs as it's own program within Microsoft Access.  You launch OpenGate Database Manager from the start menu, but it is essentially a compiled Access database application.  You will not need to install it as an addin.
Q.  Why does Microsoft Office say it is reinstalling every time I switch between opening a file in Access 2003 and 2007?
A.  No.  Microsoft Office 2003 and higher have unique settings that unfortunately require a "reconfiguration" of various settings when you switch between the two versions. It is time consuming, but does not harm your machine.

Configuring OpenGate Database Manager

Q.  Can I manage a database in the ACCD* format if I don't have Access 2007 or higher installed?
A.  No.  Your machine needs Access 2007 or higher to manage databases in the ACCD* format.
Q.  Can I install OpenGate Database Manager on a shared file server so that several people can access the same library of Access files?

A. We do offer consulting, with more than 19 years experience with Microsoft Access.  Learn more here about our Microsoft Access Consulting services.


Errors and Known Issues

Q.  OpenGate Database Manager indicates a database is open, but I'm sure no one is using it.
A.  There are rare instances where a file will appear to be in an open state, however the file system has simply locked the Access "lock file" (usually a file with the same name as the database, but ending with ".ldb" or "lccdb."  A restart of your machine will typically clear the file lock.
Q.  I can't access the Access wizard database files (e.g., ACCWIZ.MDE).
A.  Some "system" Access databases are not accessible through OpenGate Database Manager.  Normal Access databases should not have this issue, however.