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   Feature Detail: Subgrids

Mixing summary-level presentation of data in Excel can quickly become cluttered when you need to add detail to several summary cells.  For example, your worksheet summarizes forecasted sales by Quarter.  But for Q1, you want to add even more detail at the montly level.  PowerPane allows you to insert subgrids into your worksheet that provide a link back to the parent cell.  The subgrids are hidden worksheets, which helps you reduce clutter in your workbook.  The subgrid wizard can even add helpful charts to your subgrid automatically.

Clicking on the "New Subgrid" launches the subgrid wizard seen below.
Excel Subgrid Step 1

After you click "Finish" the subgrid is automatically created, including two charts to help you understand trends in your data.  The subgrid's yellow total cell is linked back to the parent cell selected when you launched the subgrid wizard.


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