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OpenGate Small Business Software

    Integrated, Customizable Small Business Software

"We are up and running in less than a week. Now we're entering orders and love the software!
G.M. - Atlanta-based A/V services company
You've been searching for software applications that fit your small business, only to find no one package is a perfect fit.  That's where OpenGate's Small Business Software can help, a comprehensive suite of features specifically created for growing businesses with 1 to 10 employees.  And unlike other commercial software for small business owners, OpenGate Small Business Software can be customized to better meet your business' specific needs.   
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More than just Small Business Accounting Software
Let's face it, small business accounting software won't help you make more money.  They can help you keep your books in order, but the majority of your time and energy should be spent acquiring new customers, selling your products or services, and ensuring your customers are happy enough to keep buying from you. 

OpenGate Small Business is much more than your typical accounting software, none of the complications of QuickBooks, and more of the features to help you increase sales.
With OpenGate Small Business you can:
  • Run your business more efficiently
  • Improve customer satisfaction and revenue per customer with better communication
  • Monitor how well you are acquiring new prospects to fill your sales pipeline
  • Increase prospect conversion rates with advanced marketing campaigns
  • Monitor product performance and profitability to determine where to focus your efforts
  • Manage assets, inventory, employees, and customer support requests seamlessly
  • A single, integrated application to manage your business

Does it work for my type of business? OpenGate Small Business is software for contractors
Your business doesn't succeed simply by finding new jobs to stay busy.  Maintaining strong relationships with customers to drive recurring business adds to your profit and gives you the most return for your advertising spending.  OpenGate Small Business simplifies tracking your financial performance, helps you decide which advertising campaigns are effective, and helps you increase recurring business by getting closer to your customers.

OpenGate Small Business is software for manufacturing
You probably know how to run an efficient manufacturing operation, but without an equally effective  system to convert prospects to customers, track inventory, and handle post-sale customer support, you may not be maximizing your business' potential.  You can't afford to have idle time with your equipment and resources, and OpenGate Small Business can help you learn where to focus your marketing campaign dollars, which customers bring the most business, and ensure your customers receive excellent support.

OpenGate Small Business is software for wholesalers and distributors
Your business thrives on short inventory turns and effective order and shipment tracking.  Selecting the most profitable products, offering effective promotions, and then monitoring your financial performance is exactly what OpenGate Small Business is designed to help you do.  And of course, taking orders, tracking shipment status, and monitoring inventory levels are all key features OpenGate Small Business helps you manage so you can spend more time on strategy and less time on data entry and fire drills.

OpenGate Small Business is software for unique businesses
Unlike commercial small business accounting and CRM products, OpenGate Small Business can be fully customized to suit your business.  Learn more about how you can build upon the flexible application platform to meet your specific business needs, without hiring a team of software developers.  Even if you start with the free edition, upgrade to the Standard Edition, you can evolve to use the Customizable Edition when you need.
How can I learn more?

Licensing All licenses come with lifetime online support, and lifetime updates.  All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Standard Edition Fully Customizable
Single User
$199 buy now $499    buy now
5 Users
$299 buy now $599 buy now
10 Users
$399 buy now $699 buy now
Additional Users $49/user buy now $49/user buy now

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System Requirements
  • Microsoft Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or the free Microsoft Access 2013 runtime version.  Click here for more information about the Microsoft Access 2007 download (runtime)
  • Windows XP or higher with 100MB free disk space.
  • For multi-user installations, a shared location where the data file can be accessed by multiple PCs is needed.  This may be a shared folder on a small network or dedicated file server.
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