OpenGate Software Inc.

Denver Colorado
Based just outside Denver, Colorado, OpenGate Software offers specialized database-driven software products and services.  23 companies on the Fortune 100 list run OpenGate Software products.  We're proud to say small and large businesses in more than 50 countries worldwide rely on our products.  Our solutions have ranged from complex scheduling and correspondence management for college judicial departments to mission-critical software that processes 20% of the 9-1-1 telephone and address records for the eastern United States. 

Our Philosophy

Understand underlying business needs, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. We think like a user, not like a developer. That allows us to create innovative, user-friendly, and flexible solutions.

Our Commitment

We see our customer's success as vital to our long term success. We conduct periodic surveys and hold frequent one-on-one conversations with customers to understand how we can improve our products, and then deliver new releases based on customer-feedback. Our commitment begins with the quality of product we deliver and continues with ongoing support and continued product enhancement.