OpenGate Support

The most common question we receive is "what kind of support will I receive after I buy your products?"  OpenGate Software is proud of the reputation among our customers for superior customer support.

"I have purchased a ton of programs, plans, and packages over the past thirty years (includes my long USAF career). Many of those purchases carried grand promises of support, help, etc. This is the FIRST time I have experienced the actual delivery of "way over and above" the advertised promise of support."

A.H., Marketing Manager, US
Product Support and Guidance
We are available to answer questions you may have about getting started with your OpenGate product, guidance on how to best set up your database(s) to help you maximize your time and avoid frustration.  We always prefer customers review our many free online video tutorials, make use of our user forums and support pages.  We also know sometimes you need to speak to a live person instead of hunting for answers.  As an OpenGate customer, feel free to contact us during normal support hours via phone, email (, or log a support request.  If we are on the phone assisting other customers, please do leave a message and we'll reply as quickly as possible.  We use GoToMeeting for live online meetings, which often helps to facilitate faster resolutions by being able to watch you on your own PC rather than exchanging screenshots back and forth.

Help with Microsoft Access, PHP, and MySQL in General

There is a wealth of free help online for Microsoft Access, PHP, and MySQL. For small, simple questions, we're happy to help offer a how-to tip or guidance via email. In many cases, OpenGate's software may already provide the tools you need, if not, we can help connect you with some of the most valuable free online resources, such as Microsoft Access video tutorials, discussion forums, and more.  OpenGate offers consulting services, and we have a directory of Microsoft Access consultants that we're happy to connect you with.

Lifetime Support and Updates

OpenGate products (excluding OpenGate Small Business Software) include lifetime updates and support.  No monthly fees, no new license charges when the next version of your product is available.  You can continue to benefit from new features as they are made available.  And we always love to receive customer requests for new features, it's how our products continue to evolve and improve.