Installing Vivaldi

Here are the steps to install Vivaldi for the first time:
  1. Copy the files in the provided zip file to your web host directory.
  2. Open /config/databases.php with a text editor or IDE of your choice.
  3. Edit the MySQL connection information as instructed in the file.
  4. Save and close databases.php.
  5. Open a browser and navigate to yourwebhost/yourfolder/ogs/installer.php.
  6. Once the installer is finished, delete the /ogs/installer.php file from your server.
  7. Login as the administrator (username/password provided in your email confirmation).
If you receive a message that your server doesn't support the MySQLND driver, you will need to adjust the NoMySQLND constant in library.php to the number 1 to enable an alternate method for fetching records.

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