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UI Builder for Microsoft Access

   Feature Detail: Event Logging and Administrator Alerts

UI Builder enables you to quickly insert logging events into your forms and VB modules with a single line of VB code.  The UI Builder logging feature lets you specify:
  • Where events should be logged (to a local or linked table, or output to an XML file)
  • The logging level, which allows you to create log events that are captured every time, or only when the logging level is set to "Debug"
  • Whether notification emails will be sent to a designated administrator for specific types of events.
Being able to record major events in your database can help you troubleshoot errors and issues when they arise, even if your users are located thousands of miles from you.  You can even use the logging feature to record events like which user opens a specific form in your database, logs in, or clicks on a particular MS Access button you have created.

All events recorded in the event log table are visible in the Event Log Viewer, as shown below.

UI Builder - Event Log Viewer
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