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Designer for Microsoft Access

     How Much Can Designer Save You?

We're confident you can save time and frustration by using Designer.  To quote one of our satisfied customers "It was so easy! I tried doing it on my own and it was time consuming and Access still did not do everything I wanted it to do. Anyone can use Access with this software, I won't design without it ever again!" (submitted on

See for yourself by using our easy Excel-based ROI calculator.


Running Your Own Business?

Unsure whether Designer is the right investment for your business? Designer will help you create your database right the first time, saving you hours studying tutorials and books when you need to be focusing on growing your business.


Is Microsoft Access A Good Investment?

You may be wondering whether an application based on Microsoft Access is a solid investment.  FMS Inc, a leading provider of Microsoft Access administration utilities has an excellent article that can help you decide: Database Evolution: Microsoft Access within an Organization's Database Strategy


Need Your Manager's Approval?

The most compelling way to get budget approval for any software purchase is with a solid cost/benefit analysis.  Use the Designer ROI Calculator to determine the cost and benefit associated with Designer, then print and share with your management.