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Designer for Microsoft® Access®

  • Design Applications Specific to Your Needs
  • Be More ProductiveCreate powerful database applications in less than a day
  • Confused by Database Design? Designer makes it easy with a plain-language question and answer wizard
  • Avoid Common MistakesDesigner takes care of the details and helps you avoid the most common mistakes designing a database

Create Your Own Customized Database Frustration Free - In Minutes

Confused by Access database design? You're not alone - Designer can help

Learning to correctly design Access tables and data entry forms takes time, reading, and quite a bit of patience.  Designer for Microsoft Access helps you create attractive, well-structured databases without understanding complicated principles of database design.

Product Licensing

Single-User License

You pay only for each individual that will design your database.  Each license allows you to create unlimited MS Access databases that can be distributed to an unlimited number of users!

Enterprise Licensing

The enterprise license of Designer allows you to distribute the Designer tool to an unlimited number of users in your company.

With Designer, you can:

Create databases faster, with fewer mistakes

Watch the demo

Use Designer to create new MS Access databases in a short amount of time by following Designer's easy to understand question and answer wizard. Designer helps you to avoid some of the most common mistakes when creating a database. 

Microsoft Access    
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Avoid hours of trial and error
One of the most common problems designing a database is avoiding duplication of data, which can lead to errors and wasted time.  Instead of spending time reading about Access database normalization, primary keys, foreign keys, and MS Access table relationships, let Designer's Q&A wizard eliminates the trial and error so you can focus more on making sure your database will meet your needs.

MS Access template for corporate recruiting - Built with Designer and UI Builder for Microsoft Access.  
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be productive in less time
After you walk through Designer's wizard, Designer creates your tables, fields, and data entry forms in literally seconds. Instead of creating your tables, then spending hours designing and editing your data entry forms, Designer creates MS Access forms that include all related information in the same form.  And because Designer creates MSAccess 2000 through MS Access 2007 and 2010 compatible databses, you can upgrade Access over time without rebuilding your database.

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"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Designer" –FrozenBlondeAK from

"Fantastic Tool!
Does everything for you. The tools asks all the right questions to help you build a professional relational database with professional forms. I can't wait to purchase the dashboard tool." –cafuller from

"This product allows me to design a database quickly but lets me make corrections as I go along, invaluable if you want to learn the complexities of relational databases." –dgwils from

System Requirements
Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, Microsoft Access 2003, MS Access 2007, Microsoft Access 2010 (client), Microsoft Access 2013 (client), Microsoft Access 2016 (client).

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