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ChartBuilder for PHP/MySQL

Release Notes

ChartBuilder 3.3

  • Added drilldown capability for line, column, bar, and pie charts
  • Simplified design experience
  • Increased use of screen real estate for charts (reduced left-hand and top padding)
  • Enhanced on-screen help tips for chart definition properties
  • New "Settings" link shows the available database connections and state

ChartBuilder 3.2

  • Drilldown feature for pie charts
  • Ability to sort non-date axes by value
  • Chart definition expands last open panel on refresh

ChartBuilder 3.1

  • Copy charts
  • Control line curve and points on line charts

ChartBuilder 3.0

Pass DB Name into chart
Pass Table Name into chart

ChartBuilder 2.9

Axis font size control
SSupport for column-level styles to control chart colors/visuals explicitly (

ChartBuilder 2.7

Embedding helper
Option to indicate that a Date field is stored as integer FROM_UNIXTIME()

ChartBuilder 2.3

Security evaluation on SQL filter param
Org Chart

ChartBuilder 2.2

Donut chart
Combo chart

ChartBuilder 2.0

Better number formatting
Geocharts (global and regional)
Filter by parameter
Week date granularity

ChartBuilder 1.2

Various fixes, more error messaging for database connection issues

ChartBuilder 1.1

Various fixes, new charts

ChartBuilder 1.0

Initial Release

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