Managing Menus in Vivaldi

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There is one single menu in Vivaldi where you can add unlimited menu items and choose which roles have access to the menu item.  In cases where you make a menu item the child of another, the role must have access to the parent menu item as well.  To manage menu items:
  1. Navigate to Menus>Menu Designer.
  2. Select 'Add' from the list on the left to add any parent menu items you want.
  3. Enter the caption you want to display for the menu item.
  4. Leave the Parent as '(none)' if you want the item to be displayed in the top level menu, otherwise select a parent under which the menu item should be displayed.
  5. Enter a URL for the menu item, or select Wizard if you would like to choose one of your forms to be the menu item target.
  6. If your menu item will be a top level parent, be sure to select 'Yes' for 'Show Children' to make sure that the dropdown is shown.
  7. Select any left-hand menu item to show it's children in the right-hand panel.  You can add children in the left-hand panel and select the parent name they should appear under.
  8. You can define multiple-level menus by clicking on the "Drill" button.  This will focus the Menu Designer on the selected menu item.  You can then define additional child levels below.  Be sure for any parent menu item to check the "Show Children" box.

:  Giving a role access to a menu item doesn't give them access to a form, it only means that they have a link in the menu that they can use.  If the role doesn't have access to the form, then they will see a message that their access is denied.

In the next page, we'll look at securing forms, and making menu items accesible to roles.

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